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Physical DescriptionEdit

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Settlements and LocationsEdit

La Portola - Capital costal city - buildings here are 'ultra baroque' (Churrigueresque)
Daraga -
Vataga -
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Azorian cuisine is known for not having large meals, but rather many small ones in a sitting. Seafood is common on the coast, while beef is common in the inland. Garlic and all types of peppers are common in dishes as are a variety of fresh herbs. Azorians are wine drinkers and enjoy the beverage at all meals. They however rarely drink the straight, preferring to mix with other juices.

Breakfast is typically eggs, bread, beans, with a hearty stew (tripe and peppers in the inland, tomato and seafood on the coast). Lunches are typicality the largest meal of the day and are taken in the middle of the afternoon and has five courses; cheese and bread, vegetables, main dish, second dish, and a sweet.


Angelica - a spiced sweet fortified wine is exported just about everywhere, even to Vareion
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