Most other demihumans races are very uncommon and rarely leave where they are from. Most demihumans live on the fringes of society away from the machinations of the great empires.

Mycondinds, the mushroom people of the Jade Sea; treant-guardians and masters of secrete the great of the mushroom forest.

Bullywugs, the neon colored, frog people or the Jade Sea; masters of potions, elixirs, alchemy and herb-magic.

Rajan, the tiger-headed cat people of the Shri Raji Jungle of the Amber Sea; their wizards some of the best and most aloof in the world man obsessed with their hunt for the Dead Gods.

The Kreen, the four armed mantis nomad people of the Amber Waste; masters of unarmed combat the Ki powers.

The Al-Jinn, the giant people of the Amber Wastes who are said to be able to cross the Screaming Sands.