Appearance Edit

Jackalopes are small furry creatures with large hind legs, floppy ears and small sharp antlers.  They range in color from a sandy blond to a bright white and often have spots or off color patches. 

Habitat Edit

Jackalopes are common in all known seas except for the Sea of Statues and the Jade Sea. They are extremely common in the Azorian Kingdom.   A variant known as the Snowhorn Jackalope is common on the Icemer in the White Sea.  They can be found in just about every biome in the seas they call home but prefer wide open places, and often avoid cities and villages.

Physiology and Behavior Edit

Jackalopes live in small nests, just at or slightly below ground level.  They use their small but sharp horns to ward off predators.  Males use their antlers to joust as a display for mates.

Variants Edit

Snowhorn Jackalope – This jackalope, unlike its cousins in warmer climates are white all over and have thick downy fur.

Products Edit

Jackalopes are popular pets in the Isles

A jackalope foot, often worn on a necklace, is considered a good luck charm

Jackalope is common food stuff in the Blue Sea and the Gray Sea

Notes Edit

-Myths in Svaltarin Culture say that witches can change in to Snowhorn Jackalopes at will

-Many believe that Jackalopes a omens of good luck as they begin to appear in large numbers in the spring.  It is common belief that the more Jackalopes that appear in the spring, the better a harvest there will be in the fall, that is if the Jackalopes don’t eat it first.

-In the Gray Sea, in particular in the United Empire, Jackalope is stewed with vinager and pepper to make Hassenhopfer Stew

-In the Blue Sea, jackalope is stewed with red wine and cinnamon to make Lagokokkos Stew.

-In the Azorian Kingdom, Jackalope is stewed with white wine and mustard.

-It is considered taboo to eat Jackalope in The Iles, as they are considered good luck

-It is considered taboo to eat Jackalope to the clans of the Icemer, as they are considered bad luck