Description Edit

After humans, orcs are the second most common race in Graymists. They are green skinned with large heavy jaws with protruding 'tusks' from their lower jaw, and pointed ears (but not as pointed as elves). Orcs are also known for the numerous tattoos but many orcs that are living closer to humans feel this to be a more savage thing, particularly facial tattoos. They prefer a bright blue ink while tattooing and prefer natural shapes and patterns, animals or personal symbols, such as a clan icon, a battle standard, or a religious mark.

Orcs exist mostly in loose tribes in clans. Most Orcs avoid the larger islands and prefer to either be on the smaller remote islands of the seas or on ship. (There are even some Orc tribes that only leave their ships to trade and gather wood [Children of the Open Sea].) Due to this very few Orcs were enslaved furring the Elvin Empire. In fact Orcs were a rare example of people that were able to not only resist, but actively assault and raid Elvin settlements during the Empire Era.

Many orcs, now as the other empires are beginning to expand, are finding themselves prized as soldier, mercenaries, sailors, and longshoremen. Orcs hearty physiques and loose tribal nature have made them popular targets for slavers.

Interaction with other races Edit

Elves see the orcs as wild savages, more so than any other race.

Humans see orcs as 'uncivilized' but respect them for the defiance of the Elven Empire. Orcs have integrated well into the Isles and the United Empire.

Dwarves see orcs much like they see other races, as gaijin. They do respect the orcs defiance of the elves.

Inspirations and Notes Edit

-Marquesan style tattoos

-Polynesian/Maori people