Appearance Edit

Red Bees appear just as their name sounds, like standard honey bees, but slightly larger and with red and black striping. 

Habitat Edit

Red Bees live in large paper nests in the Jade Sea and Amber Sea, typically near where flowers bloom.  The do not winter well and do not cross breed with regular bees.

Physiology and Behavior Edit

Red Bees collect pollen from the many flowers in this verdant sea and it is not uncommon to see them swarm over a recently opened megalily flower.  Red Bees are particular attracted to Fleur-de-mort flowers, and when they are able to collect the pollen their honey takes a distinct red hue and exhibits psychoactive properties.

Variants Edit

As they resist crossbreeding there are no known variants of Red Bee.

Products Edit

Honey – Regular Red Bee honey is prized as it takes on a distinct fruity and citrusy taste form the pollen it collects.  It is particular well like in The Iles.

Wax – When used for candles they give off a faint citrus smell when burnt.

Blood Honey – when a hive of Red Bees gets enough pollen from the Fleur-de-mort flower their honey takes on a distant crimson hue and has psychoactive properties.  Depending on how it is consumed it can either calm or enrage its consumer.

Notes Edit

-Blood Honey is controlled substance in The Isles, Azorian Kingdom, Vardoux Republic