The Svaltain Clans are a loose confederacy of clans on the Icemer, the large ice cap in the north of the White Sea. The Clans for the longest time were simple hunter-gatherers with limited interaction with the outside world. They had small seasonal settlements near the geothermal vents and followed the cariboux heard.

Recently however deep mines with high quality ore has been found and the clans have come into to more wealth than they know what to do with. Most have given up their nomadic ways for a more sedentary lifestyle.

Svaltain Clans have spent huge sums of money to improve their once seasonal camps that the geothermal vents. Great Dwarven engineers, the best designers from the isles, and Azorian glass makers, to name but a few have been called in to turn what where once cariboux hide tent cities in to fabulous cities of glass and marble. Buildings are heated with complex steam piping and art of every kind covers the halls. The clans once as harsh as the land around them, now live lives of the highest decadence.




The Svaltains major export is ore: iron, mirthril, silver. There is also a small trade in fur and lumber, Icemer pines in particular.

Food and luxury goods are the major imports. Svaltain Clans are always looking for things new and exotic, more decadent and sensual the better.

Foreign Relations

Tyvian culture is one that mixes survivalism and refinement. While Tyvia is cold and boasts a hostile