Praise the light! Lightbringers has a presence in almost every large city in the world (that’s not Halknovian) Their temples are large lighthouses that guide many in from the mists. The Lightbringers believe that the Lightbringer was started on the path to divinity when he lit the first torch to drive out the mist. Lightbringers believe that if they are able to get the Lightbringer to ascend to full godhood he will banish the mists for good and the world will be issue into a new golden age.

Keeping the Lightbringer from reaching divinity are the what Lightbringers dub as 'Shadow Beings'. What exactly as shadow being is varries from light bringer fom light bringer. Some say vampires, others sinners, other magic users. Many different factions of lightbringers are formed dedicated to wiping out whatever foe it is that they believe are the 'shadow beings'

Current manifestation: a Being of pure light. It sits in center of the crystal cathedral in Iber in a meditative pose. Worships come from a cross the land just to back in his light. Many ask questions. It does not respond. It never responds. Some however say that in their moments of darkness he comes to them.