The Untamed One is the representative and guardian of nature.  It is the bird, the tree, the soil, worm.  Central to The Untamed One is the idea of the natural cycle.  In nature all things follow the cycle – birth – life -death – decompose.  The Untamed One abhors anything that breaks the cycle, particularity undead and those who would twist nature to their own ends.

While The Untamed One has no true temple to speak of hes does have numerous glades and shrines.  Holy sites to the  The Untamed One can be found in almost any part of word and take many shapes.  From hollows in trees where woodsmen and hunters place seeds on Marden; To the stacked piles of smoth stone in the White Sea; to singular trees sprouting defiantly in the Amber Wastes

Current manifestation: An extremely large luminescent elk.  In the wake of its foot steps, flowers bloom and saplings sprout.  It does not reside in any fixed place but where the cycle is needed most

Symbols: a singular antler