The tito, or fox-squirrel, is a long slender animal with a big bush tail and small sharp teeth.  They range in color from a bright red to jet  black. </p>


The tito is originally from the coast of the Azorian Kingdom.  They can be found anywhere other small rodents and mammals can be found.</p>

Physiology and BehaviorEdit

Domesticated titos are used as ratters and are popular pets in cities and on ships.  They sleep during most of the day.  They make a distinct chirping noise when hunting.  Titos also have a habit of sleeping in cups and bowls.</p>


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Titos are kept mostly as pets and ratters and they are too small to be hunted for fur.</p>


-In the Iles titos on ships are often give long and complicated honorific names (Lord Archibald Ring-Tail, lord of the Sea, enemy of rats, mice, and vermin).

-Many taverns, particularly those near ports are names after titos (The Tito and Tankard, The Tipsy Tito, Ratters Rest etc)</p>